Friday, October 9, 2015

Push Your Luck Podcast Ep 67: Let's Talk with Emerson Matsuuchi and Arnold Rauers

In the next installment of Let's Talk, I chat with Emerson who designed Specter Ops, a tabletop game inspired by a video game, and Arnold who designed Card Crawl, a card based video game that looks to be inspired by a tabletop game. In Let's Talk, we chat with a video game designer and a tabletop game designer and discuss game design concepts and I try to get different perspectives about games from their respective industries.

Exciting news! My article at Kotaku has been published! It is about the Best 5 recent games you should be playing right now and you can find it here http://kotaku.com/five-new-board-games-you-should-play-17316...

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