Sunday, November 8, 2015

Push Your Luck Podcast Ep68: What have we played?

Its been some time since Jon and I got together to chat again and this time we talk about some games we played recently! Games covered are: 

Pandemic Legacy
Inhabit the Earth
Advanced Civilization
The Pursuit of Happiness
Grand Austria Hotel
Dark Moon

Exciting news! My 2nd article at Kotaku has been published and its all about Pandemic Legacy! You can read about it here http://kotaku.com/the-great-board-game-pandemic-is-even-bett...

Also, I have released a game! Its called Gutsy and it was designed together with Susan Perkins and Barry Joseph from the American Museum of Natural History. Its my first card game and more details will be released once the boardgamegeek site is up. You can order the game here http://shop.amnh.org/a701/amnh-gutsy-card-game.html

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Woot Woot! my second article on Kotaku talking about Pandemic Legacy!

In short, its an amazing game. Never has a boardgame made me want to keep playing it so often! Contender for my Game of the Year!

Check out the link for more on the article!