Thursday, January 28, 2016

Interview with Alexander Pfister!

So after playing Mombasa, which is an awesome game, I wanted to chat with the designer, Alexander Pfister because he also designed other games that I really liked, for example Broom Service. I wanted to find out more about his design process and specifically how Mombasa was "born". We initially tried an audio interview but due to technical issues, we had to follow up with a written interview instead. Here are the questions and answers:

The Politics of Mombasa

Mombasa is a very heavy game, with what seems like twenty different mechanics going on at the same time. Its main mechanic is a neat take on deckbuilding, but the game also offers some area control, light worker placement, and even a personal point track that everyone else can only marginally interfere with. Mombasa somehow harnesses these into a fun and coherent whole, as Eric explains in his 98th video. He recommends buying and playing the game on its mechanical merits alone, but for me, the most interesting part of the game is its theme.

You see, though Mombasa is an abstract strategy euro, it has a decidedly political statement printed on the front of its rulebook that explains the theme:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Push Your Luck Podcast Ep69!

Woot! 1st episode of 2016! Sorry it has been so long because we are both on holidays and enjoying ourselves and playing loads and loads of games!

This episode we talk about Jon's Best of 2015 geeklist and also a few games we have played recently.
Games covered are:

german railroads
dojo kun
between 2 cities
portao para o mundo, lisboa
7 wonders duel
argent: the consortium
broom service
the voyages of marco polo
grand austria hotel
the pursuit of happiness

watson & holmes

Also take note Push Your Luck Video will be releasing its 100th video soon! There will be a contest as well so subscribe to the channel and keep an eye on it!

The podcast can be downloaded here

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stats for 2015!

Another year has ended and it was a great year for gaming I must say! Especially since I had a chance to volunteer for Asmodee at their booth at GENCON 2015!

So here are my stats:

total games played: 301
total unique games played: 137
total 2015 unique games played: 57

2015 Games I played

1 codenames
2 pandemic legacy s1
3 the grizzled
4 rights
5 arboretum
6 troll
7 blood rage
8 broom service
9 discoveries
10 dragonwood
11 elysium
12 exploding kittens
13 kraftwagen
14 new york 1901
15 queen’s architect
16 shakespeare
17 the voyages of marco polo
18 xcom
19 above and below
20 air alliance
21 bad medicine
22 baseball highlights: 2045
23 best treehouse ever
24 between 2 cities
25 bomb squad academy
26 cacao
27 caffeine rush
28 chew
29 dark seas
30 dolmen
31 eternal dynasty
32 food chain magnate
33 fool’s gold
34 the great dinosaur rush
35 GEM
36 guns & steel
37 isle of skye
38 joraku
39 lanterns
40 letter tycoon
41 matcha
42 mottainai
43 my village
44 nevermore
45 ophir
46 parfum
47 pi mal pflaumen
48 risk star wars edition
49 nyet
50 specter ops
51 starfighter
52 stockpile
53 tides of time
54 trambahn
55 war band: against the darkness
56 warehouse 51

57 the world of smog