Thursday, February 11, 2016

Push Your Luck Video Ep100! + Contest!

I review Nippon, a 2015 release by @WhatsYourGameEU and designed by @Sentieiro and @paulosoledade! Medium weight, action selection and area control game by the dynamic duo that will surely melt your brain with the numerous paths to victory! 

Intro to the episode: 00:05
Special Guests! : 00:25
Intro to the game: 07:34
Components: 09:24
Rules: 11:36
Review and Contest: 29:18

This is a VERY SPECIAL episode for me because its my 100th and I could not have done it without the gracious and generous support from my friends in the boardgame industry! Since this is my 100th, I am holding a contest! The details are in my video.

Some other contest details:
a) Contest is open to all! What’s Your Game will send a copy of Nippon to you.
b) Winner will be randomly selected from all entries.
c) Contest will end on 29 Feb and I will pick the winner on 1st March. 

Remember to follow me on twitter @duckizz and leave me suggestions and comments so I can improve! Good luck for the contest!

Many many many thanks to What’s Your Game for this review copy and for sponsoring the contest!

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