Friday, March 11, 2016

Push Your Luck Podcast Ep 71: What's in a theme?

So after Brian's article on Mombasa, we had a discussion and wanted to talk more about themes and sensitivities, specifically why certain themes are chosen given how stereotypical it can be and possibility inaccurate representations can be found and it can then be perceived as insensitive. I invited Geoff to come and chat with us. I did invite a few others but due to scheduling conflict they could not make it but I will try and invite them again in the future to chat as I think this is a interesting and important topic to talk about.

A few disclaimers as you listen to the podcast:
a) we don’t claim to be experts, we just want to have a discussion, based on our experiences and ourselves as individuals
b) what we hope to achieve is some form of awareness to everyone who maybe listening to this podcast, some food for thought if you will

c) get other people thinking, talking and even discussing about this, be it if they are a publisher, designer or gamer

Please feel free to leave your comments and how you feel here in the blog post. Alternatively, please head to the guild on BGG and discuss there as well!

Thanks for listening!

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