Saturday, November 19, 2016

Push Your Luck Podcast Ep 75: Chris Cantrell from Riot Games!

Hey everyone! This episode is quite special and exciting for me because we interviewed Chris from Riot Games about Mechs vs Minions, their first foray into the boardgaming world! Brian joins me as we chat with Chris about their thought processes and its especially intriguing for me because I am in both the video game and tabletop gaming world and its fascinating that a video game company decided to try their hand at publishing a boardgame when typically, its the other way around.

So check out our episode here!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Push Your Luck Podcast Ep 73 & 74

Hey everyone!

Website is not dead but i am focusing a lot more on my video reviews ;p nevertheless, wanted to let you know about Ep 73 & 74.

In Ep 73, I chat with my friend Brian Kang who just had his virgin experience at GENCON 2016! He was a volunteer demo staff and I asked him if he will recommend it to anyone, what he assumed and what he actually experienced at GENCON 2016. It is definitely a very different experience when I was with Asmodee last GENCON and I think a large part of it is now FFG is in charge of the volunteers group in North America. Its a pity though because I had a lot of fun there and I wished Brian had the same experience as I did. Oh well...

In Ep 74, I chat with Brian again on Captain Sonar and our thoughts about it. I still can never fully get into real time games like this mostly because I keep harboring the idea that mistakes can and will happen and you can never truly mitigate it and as such my own personal enjoyment when I win or lose is somewhat tainted...