Friday, November 18, 2016

Push Your Luck Podcast Ep 73 & 74

Hey everyone!

Website is not dead but i am focusing a lot more on my video reviews ;p nevertheless, wanted to let you know about Ep 73 & 74.

In Ep 73, I chat with my friend Brian Kang who just had his virgin experience at GENCON 2016! He was a volunteer demo staff and I asked him if he will recommend it to anyone, what he assumed and what he actually experienced at GENCON 2016. It is definitely a very different experience when I was with Asmodee last GENCON and I think a large part of it is now FFG is in charge of the volunteers group in North America. Its a pity though because I had a lot of fun there and I wished Brian had the same experience as I did. Oh well...

In Ep 74, I chat with Brian again on Captain Sonar and our thoughts about it. I still can never fully get into real time games like this mostly because I keep harboring the idea that mistakes can and will happen and you can never truly mitigate it and as such my own personal enjoyment when I win or lose is somewhat tainted...

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