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    • 2018
      • Peginterferon alfacon-2 Injection approved by NMPA
      • NDA Submission of coblopasvir
      • Ukrainian GMP recertification of manufacture facility at No.7 Rongchang Street east
      • GMP recertification of multiple products and formulations
      • National High-tech Enterprise recertification
    • 2017
      • Submission of the first China’s generic sofosbuvir tablet for ANDA
      • Submission of generic pirfenidone tablet for ANDA
      • Strategic partnership with Gaolin Capital
      • Designation of Beijing BDA Innovation Workshop
      • GMP recertification of multiple formulations at No. 7 Rongchang Street East site
    • 2016
      • Dr. Zhou Desheng enrolled in the second batch of the national "Million Talents Plan".
      • China's first generic sofosbuvir raw materials and tablets were granted clinical trial approval.
      • The investigative new drug KW-136 with independent intellectual property rights granted CTA.
      • Established “Beijing Municipal Engineering Laboratory of Liver Disease Therapeutic Drug Research”.
      • Enrolled in the first batch of the 13th Five-Year Plan "Beijing Biopharmaceutical Industry Breakthrough Development Project (G20 Project)".
    • 2015
      • Dr. Zhou Desheng was nominated as Innovative Entrepreneurial Talent of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.
      • Certified by Colombian INVIMA GMP.
      • Introduced Eli Lilly Strategic Investment.
      • Invested GinkgoPharma(Suzhou)Co., Ltd.
    • 2014
      • Certified as "Beijing Patent Demonstration Unit".
      • Be the first sponsor of generic Sofosbuvir trial in China.
      • Applied an IND for KW-136 with independent intellectual property rights.
      • Selected as "Beijing Biomedical Industry Crossing Development Project (G20 Project)".
      • Enrolled in "Beijing Biopharmaceutical Industry Breakthrough Development Project(G20 Project)".
      • Established "Beijing municipal International Scientific & Technological collabration Base –Preventative & Therapeutic New Drug of Liver Disease."
    • 2013
      • Dr. Hai Pan, VP of R&D, was nominated as China’s national “Recruitment Plan of Global Experts”, a prestigious program for overseas talents.
      • Launched a new product– recombinant human interferon alfa-2b effervescent tablet, China’s first-ever commercialized interferon product in this dosage form.
    • 2012
      • Formed a strategic partnership with Haitong Capital and Cybernaut.
      • Initiated the construction of a brand new 2000-sqm pilot production center.